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Daniel Kowal

Republican Running For Congress

It’s time to stop being ruled by the loud minority: the career politicians, special interest groups, and big business. 

It’s time to choose a leader for the great people of Southwest Florida.

Public Service Is…My Life Story!

US Army Veteran, Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy

The Leadership Our Country Needs


“Early on in my military career, serving under Commander-in-Chief President Ronald Reagan, I trained to push back communism and socialist dictators.

It’s hard to believe, after all we sacrificed, that there is almost 50% of the Members of Congress leaning towards those beliefs.”

About Dan Kowal

Serving as a United States Capitol police officer in Washington DC on the morning of September 11, 2001,  I was sitting in a classroom at the Navy Annex Building right across from the Pentagon.

When the first planes struck the World Trade Center in New York City, I was summoned back to the Capitol to start the evacuation operation. That’s when I saw the most chilling sight – black smoke billowing from the Pentagon building.

As I’m running into the capitol building, people were running from the then-unknown danger. Then I heard of a plane, Flight 93, crashing in Pennsylvania. I truly believe that plane was meant for the capitol building, the place into which I had just run.

A few weeks later, I was working security detail in the Senate Hart Building when the letter arrived containing anthrax – another chapter in my book I call life.

Serving in Washington DC as a dignitary protection agent, working countless hours due to the attack on our great country, and then spending the last 17 years of this chapter in my life – working for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office on the front line, in the face of Hurricanes Charlie, Wilma, and Irma, running into danger, wildfires, countless unknowns-  never running away.

I believe it’s time to close that chapter of this book and start a new chapter, representing the great people of Southwest Florida.

Mission & Values

I promise to be the voice of the silent majority and their representative in Congress: the teacher, the truck driver, the nurse, the fireman, EMS, the police, construction worker and military. It’s time to stop being ruled by the loud minority: the career politicians, special interest groups, and big business.

I feel the anger – people spent their whole lives building their business and through no fault of their own they have to watch it crumble because the government is telling them they’re not allowed to do the exact thing that every American has the right to do: the right to pursue happiness and the reward of hard work. Once again, the bureaucrats in government show how they cannot operate efficiently in helping these great Americans and fixing the problem that they brought onto the business owners. They don’t need a career politician or another businessman telling them how to run their business, they just need somebody willing to fight in Washington to keep the bureaucrats from getting in their way.

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