My name is Daniel KowaL.

I’m a veteran, Lifelong Law Enforcement Officer, I’m a family man, I’m an American patriot.

We learned a hard lesson due to this Pandemic and all the jobs that were lost and Businesses that were closed down.

We also learned how important it is to produce certain products here within our own borders.

Previous administrations and self serving politicians let these jobs slip across our borders to other countries. We paid the price for it when we needed them. We can never let this happen again.

That’s why it’s so important to bring these jobs back within our borders.

With District 19, the first thing I’m going to do, when I get to Washington D.C., I’m going to start a small business task force. I’m going to take individuals within our community that are leaders within their businesses and have them create wish lists. What they feel will fit best in Southwest Florida and What kind of jobs.

And those are the kind of jobs I’ll seek and I’ll sell Southwest Florida. It’s easy Sell Southwest Florida due to the low taxes and the hard working people. These blue collar people from the Midwest, from the Northeast, that all migrated here over the years.

We have a strong work ethic AND IT’S VERY EASY to sell that.

MY NAME’S DANIEL Kowal and I approve this message.