It sounds good but we’ve been lied to before. How do we know your for real and won’t fall into the corruption track so many fall into? Do you have human management experience? Do you play well with others? Do you believe in the constitution and immigration laws? Tell us more please. This election is important. Thanks.” ~Lynda

Hi Lynda, 
What you’re saying is the exact reason I decided to run for office. By no means have I ever been a politician, I’ve been a public servant my whole life. We have not had a great track record over the past decade Of sending people of high moral values and integrity to represent us here in Southwest Florida. It has been an embarrassment at the least. Any politician can answer those questions you ask of me. With words that will probably convince you that they are truthful. I can offer you a lifelong career of high morals and integrity. Every job I’ve ever held I have had to swear to uphold the Constitution. I’m going to Washington DC to be a servant to the people of Southwest Florida not their leader. I can almost guarantee that I’m the only candidate that’s running for this office that has had to take a lie detector test, psychological evaluation, and a six month background investigation just to have his job. The truth is a very powerful thing, And I believe in it. 
If you would like to have any more conversation or learn more about my background please visit my page or you can ask me any direct questions and I am here to answer at any time. We need a change
I truly believe I am your man to do it.
Thank you 
Daniel Kowal

Thank you for taking the time to offer the needed reassurances for my vote. I really appreciate it. And you pointed out a very significant difference between yourself and the rest of the pack which is your background checks, psych evaluations to assure you are a stable person mentally and lie detector tests in addition to real and meaningful life and work experience. You are the type of people we need in Congress. I’m pretty certain that this will be the most important election I have ever voted in for my lifetime. And the ramifications for the nation and future generations are significant. It is going to take people like you who are mentally balanced and have faced real time crisis and have had to react on your ability to evaluate and extrapolate the data at hand and make decisions that will at times impact individuals lives and their families lives and at times your personal safety. I admire your willingness to walk into that pit of vipers. We need to work to bring selflessness and sanity back into congress. I will work hard to get your name into my acquaintances and families political vocabulary. Thank you for taking this challenge and good luck! ~ Lynda

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