Hello, everyone.

My name is Daniel Kowal.

I’m a veteran, lifelong law enforcement officer, a family man, and an American patriot. I am pro border security.

We must continue helping President Trump build that wall on our southern border.

We must also create legislation that will tax electronic money wires from undocumented aliens here in our borders, to their countries of origin.

This money goes overseas and we never see it back into our economy. Why not tax it before it leaves? Use that money towards helping us build that wall. We also must start refunding programs like the 287(G) program that is used to deport undocumented criminal aliens. Undocumented aliens who commit crimes within our borders and have been convicted of those crimes, should not have the right to stay within our borders. They should be sent back to their countries of origin.

And I want to defund jurisdictions that consider theirselves sanctuary cities. They’re more of a problem, THAN A SOLUTION. They’re definitely a problem.

When you harbor people that have committed crimes and they don’t pay for what they’ve done, It’s unfair to the American people and the victims of those crimes.

They should not receive one federal dollar, if they consider their-self a sanctuary city. Three things define a country border, culture, and language. Once you lose one of them, you’re no longer defined as a country. We must stay strong. We are America.

We must be that light on the top of the hill that the rest of the world looks to when they need help.

We must remain America strong.