Dan Kowal shares his thoughts on what he will do for the people of the District 19 Southwest Florida when he goes to Washington as their representative in Congress.

Good evening everybody I’d like to talk about substance tonight. Unlike my opponents who just like to tout talking points and rehearse political lines. I actually want to talk about things I would like to do when I get to Washington DC. Today I want to talk about, veterans affairs, specifically about the medical issue for our veterans that deserve only the best. Did some research, I’m not going to get into a lot of details, but I’ve thought about this for a long time. Having a lot of good friends that are veterans and myself being a veteran, but there are some veterans out there that really need this and the system we have right now is broken. Although President Trump has done some things, he’s moved some people around, he’s changed some policy and they have been for the better, but he’s only one man and he is up against a Congress, especially the House that hates him and would do nothing to help him help our veterans due to, their hatred for him.

That being said, when I get to Washington DC I hope I can convince like-minded Patriots like myself to buy into authoring a bill together that would address some of these problems with the Veterans Administration projected for this upcoming year. We’re looking at 243.3 Billion. It’s up 10.2% over the budget that we passed last year for the veterans affairs back in 2017. A House subcommittee met economic development and they discussed some of the issues that were going on then that are still issues going on today. One of them is their leasing program. A lot of the buildings are leased through the GSA and management that they do to lease properties for use facilities. And then some facilities are owned and some of these own facilities are in some of these real estate markets that are extremely expensive and it’s in major cities throughout our country.

That being said, they found in the committee that the leasing program was struggling to find adequate property for the veterans and for them to meet as a medical clinics, let alone the owned properties that were over budget and the hospital that was being built in Colorado was way behind schedule and over budget. This being said, I think we need to go to Washington, we need to look at taking these properties and these leasing programs and maybe turning around and looking for private investors that want to invest in these properties that already have medical systems out there that work. That want to reinvest in it. Once they purchase these properties, that money then would go to the veterans. Then they’d have the option to hire the people working in these hospitals for their own private run hospitals. Its a twofold thing because then the people in these inner cities that don’t have access to the VA hospitals then would have a community hospital in their neighborhood.

Then the VA, also the veterans in the area, you can also use the hospital. Once that’s done, then the money would instead of just budget’s going to maintain all these properties, maintain the equipment and redoing the equipment, a private sector would be going that. Then we’d find companies like Visa, MasterCard, if they want to go ahead and take a bid into the program and handle the finances for the veterans and then just issue out a veteran medical card. Then all that money, that $243 billion would just go into their account and then they would manage it. We wouldn’t have to build a whole other department just to manage the credit card of the veteran. They would get a tax break in the end and then the veteran can go to any medical facility, any doctor of choice. They plopped down the credit card and it would be paid a hundred percent. These are the kinds of ideas I want to work on.

These are the things I want to take to Washington DC for our veterans here in Southwest Florida and the rest of our country. There are answers. We just can’t be afraid to find them and work on them. We have to be able to think outside the box and not do the norm and continue sending the same people to Washington. They’re picked by the Washington machine and having the same results over and over again. That’s the definition of insanity. I’ve heard that many times. I’m Dan Kowal. I’m running for Congress. Public service is my life story.