A Message From Dan Kowal…

I am extremely angry now over something I heard yesterday on the radio.

I wanted to call in at that time, but I ended up an appointment to go to, it was probably too mad and I probably wouldn’t have been a good idea to call in. But this video is for Mary.

Mary, I don’t know if you’ll see this, or somebody, a friend or somebody may reach out to you or figure out who Mary is, but Mary called into a local radio show here that I listened to often. A political talk show airs locally here in Southwest Florida. Mary called in and wanted to talk about and start a conversation with how great some of the candidates we have.

We have a good group of candidates running for Congress this year and the radio host was very bubbly and cheerful and then she wanted to have an opinion, a particular commercial that runs on this person’s radio station. And she pointed out the candidate and his commercial and when she was critical of it, it was like a light switch went off and this radio host just went into her.

I mean dug into her, silenced her right there, short of calling her stupid, talking about how right the candidate is and how wrong she is. And then when he finally let her talk again, he started belittling her, ask her if she even knew what kind of words she was using and what they meant. And he continued on. And then we didn’t hear from Mary again. I don’t know if she got cut off or she just hung up.

But it became very apparent and transparent that this political talk show hosts is definitely already have chosen a candidate. And then it started making me think a few weeks earlier on this same show that this talk show host had breaking news about his friend was not going to run in the 2020 congressional election, but how his other friend announced the same day. Well that’s understandable. But then the next day I heard breaking news again.

I don’t know if it was an accident or he played the same thing again, but it was breaking news the second day. Then his friend was dropping out and another friend was going into the race. So this made me think that there’s something more going on here behind the scenes.

So I looked into it and come to find out that I believe the establishment or media has already picked their candidate for this upcoming election. It’s not a coincidence that people from his friends team all suddenly working for the new friends team and even some people from the incumbent that has to step down because he’s an embarrassment to Southwest Florida is working for the new friend.

We can’t silence people like Mary.

She has a right to her opinion.

That’s her constitutional right. It’s your God given right.

I may not agree what she has to say, but she has the right to say it. I’ll tell her my opinion and we agreed to disagree and we move on. But this is the exact reason why I’m running for Congress because people like Mary out there are shut up and basically told they don’t know anything because they have an opinion about a political candidate and that’s not right. That’s not who we are as Americans. Everybody has a right to their opinion. You may like it or you may not like it, but it’s there. Right? So this is for every Mary out there. I got your back. I will go and be your voice and I’ll never ever censor you or stifle you from speaking your opinion.