Hello, everyone. My name is Daniel Kowal.

I’m a veteran, lifelong law enforcement officer, I’m a family man, and an American patriot. I am pro limited government.

I believe we need to start down sizing our federal government today. Our debt is $26 trillion and growing.

We can’t leave this for our Children and their children in our country’s future.

We can’t rely on borrowing money from countries like China anymore.

That must stop.

WHEN YOU TAKE SOME OF THESE DEPARTMENTS like the Department of education at a federal level, these things, they overlap in jurisdiction. We already have the States that have their own departments of education.

We don’t need a federally run Department of Education.

We need to start looking to down size DEPARTMENTS LIKE THAT.

The 10th Amendment gives a lot of these powers to the States, but for some reason, the federal government felt like they needed to have the same type of departments that overlap in jurisdiction.

There’s really only four things the federal government should be responsible for, to the American people.

That is foreign diplomacy, A STRONG MILITARY, STRONG BORDERS, and law enforcement that stretches across state lines.

My name is Daniel Kowal and I approve this message.